- Bill Croteau, High Pointe Preschool & Child Care Owner, Brooklyn Park, MN 

    Comment was made after delivery of the pictures when we photographed his preschool for the first time.

    Actually, we will happily do retakes. But, they are hardly ever requested.

"You're treating them (the children) like real people."

"First year parents ask why we go to South Dakota for a photographer.

Second year parents ask if it is the same photographer.

- Parent, Step by Step Montessori, Chaska, MN

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- Parent, Step by Step Montesorri, Wayzata, MN

"I see why you don't do retakes. You don't need to. All of the pictures are great."

- Andrea Wright, Lake Harriet United Methodist Preschool Director, Minneapolis

"I've been everywhere and I've never had anyone work with my child like this."