Up to 3 Clothing Options • Up to 3 Personal Props** • 3 Poses Enhanced • 7 Portrait Units • Special Lighting***

Additional Poses & Prints

Buddy/Sweetheart Poses

Each Pose Enhanced - $20 • Each Portrait Unit - $15

11x14   $70

Includes Flush Mounting & Lacquer

16x20   $150

Includes Flush Mounting & Lacquer

Now You Can Afford Professional Portraits!



Better Portraits Need Not Be Expensive


•    You have a choice of three basic packages, each of which can be  

      customized to give you exactly what you want.

•    All photography is done by Rich Osness. Over the past 40 years, Rich

     has photographed subjects in more than half 
     of the 50 states, including tens of thousands in South Dakota.
•    Enhanced poses are completely retouched to your
specifications by one

     of South Dakota’s most experienced digital portrait artists.
•    All prints are produced by one of the finest portrait labs  in the world.


It's a great 

All original images with the enhancements included with your package.

Copyrights included. Files can be supplied on a disc or flash drive. 

1 Clothing Option (No Changes) • 1 Pose Enhanced • 3 Portrait Units*


Location Sessions


These prices are for sessions photographed entirely in our office. Location work is available.

We specialize in great studio work but we also do location work.

A location session can be added to any

*A portrait unit is anything that fits on an 8x10 sheet; 1-8x10, 2-5x7s, 4-4x5s or 8-wallets.

Combinations are available such as 1-5x7 & 4 wallets.
**Sporting equipment, musical instruments, hobbies or pets.
***Dramatic lighting with darker shadows.


(800)631-6247 •
PO Box 1690 Sioux Falls SD 57101

Save even more

if we’re hosted by your

school or school group.

Digital Files $80



one of the above packages for as little as $250!

Only available with purchase of one of the other packages. FREE if both subjects purchase one of the above packages.

​1 Pose Enhanced • 2 Portrait Units

Great Pictures & Service Without the Fuss 

Senior Portraits

2 Clothing Options • 2 Personal Props • 2 Poses Enhanced • 5 Portrait Units