1 5x7 & 4 Wallets

Greeting Cards

We have the digital files for all of our work since 2007. 

Digital files are delivered on a Gold Archival Disc or USB Flash Drive and include complete copyrights.

All of the images from one sitting can be purchased for $40.00 for the first sitting and $25.00 for each additional sitting ordered at the same time. This includes poses not used for your original package and any enhancements we made to print your package.

The price is the same regardless of the number of poses. These images will be jpeg digital files and can be used by most photofinishers

or to order prints from us at a later date. 

Digital files may be ordered only after the purchase of two or more sheets from a sitting or package.

If you would like to purchase the files without purchasing any prints please add $20.00 per sitting.

We strongly recommend using our Gold Archival Discs but if it is more convenient we can provide your images on a USB Flash Drive instead.

If you would like to have your child's class picture included with your images, write the class name in the description area of the order form.

Digital Files

 If you are ever dissatisfied with your prints we will remake them or refund your money.

This order form may only be used after a purchase of or from the original package. 

There is a $20 surcharge if no purchase is made from the original package.  

3 4x6s

4 4x5s

These are prints identical to the ones in the original package. They are produced in 8x10 sheets.

An 8x10 sheet may be any one of the following:

8 Wallets (2.5x3.5)

Wall Prints

Identifying Your Pose

2 5x7s

(800)631-6247 • richosness@earthlink.net
PO Box 1690 Sioux Falls SD 57101

Retouching is available on all orders and there is no charge for most retouching.

There is a charge of $20.00 or more for extensive retouching or enhancement. Please call us to ask for a quote.

​Pricing​ All prices include any applicable sales tax.

First 8x10 Sheet....................................$24.00         ​First 10x13 Print....................................$30.00       First 11x14 Print....................................$40.00

Each Additional 8x10 Sheet.............$14.00           Additional 10x13 Sheet........................$15.00       Additional 11x14 Sheet..........................$24.00 

Orders available starting at $25. See a full list of pricing and details on our Greeting Cards page.

We will give you an unlimited copyright release for any pictures taken before 2007.  See the Copyrights & Releases page for more information. We are not set up to accept reorders online.  This page shows our current reorder services and prices. 

The easiest way to reorder is by phone or mail.  

Please include a billfold print to be certain that we select the pose you want. This billfold print will be returned with your order.

 A photocopy is acceptable. We accept orders by phone paid with a credit or debit card.

1 8x10

Include a wallet size print or photocopy of the image you want produced. The wallet print will be returned with your order. Or, you may give us the image number on the back of your print. It is in the following format: A000_000. The other numbers are not useful.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of prints and 2 weeks for delivery of digital files.

Preschool Reorders

We have larger prints available with a variety of mounts. 

For a full list of prices and details visit our Print Pricing page.

Original Finish