• Leave the studio with your Social Media Ready images on

   your smart phone or in your email inbox.

• Pick up your finished prints one week later. 

   Some special finishes and mounting may take a

   few days longer.

Children & Family Portrait Event

Contact us to set up your session!

Questions? Call us! We would be happy to help. (800)631-6247

No Sales Pressure!

Pictures you would want to give your grandparents AND your grandchildren.

Classic studio portraits that will become family heirlooms.

Portrait Events

BAD NEWS:   This is only available during advertised days and times.

GOOD NEWS:   For now, all photography will be done by Rich Osness.

• $10 deposit when photographed*

​• $39.95 balance when portraits are delivered

• TOTAL PRICE: $49.95

• Additional sheets $10/each

• Additional poses enhanced $10/each

• Buy 2 additional sheets for $20 & get an 

  additional pose at no charge

​• Full resolution files of all images with

   ​copyrights on gold archival disc or flash

   drive ​are $50

• Larger prints, special mounting, special finishing

​   and extensive retouching are also available

​*This is not a sitting fee, it is a deposit. If you don't like your pictures, it is refunded.

Infants to Adults & Families Welcome

This is a test of a studio concept that will be offered periodically over the next several months.  Prices, packages and terms may vary over this period.
For now the “Studio” will be a temporary studio set up in the

back of our operations location in the Southway Center.

Additional prints and services available, but you don't have to spend more to have us appreciate your business.

Professional Quality Prints From One of America's Finest Portrait Finishing Labs

What's the Catch?

Southway Center • 2127 S. Minnesota Ave • Ste. 203 • Sioux Falls

• Portrait sitting for one subject or group

• 4 sheet portrait package in 1 or 2 poses


​• 2 poses enhanced (light retouching)

​• Social media files of enhanced poses  

   immediately after sitting

• Finished prints delivered in one week           


This is What You Pay:

This is What You Get:

This is How It Works

We care about you and your time. If you have an appointment and have to wait,

you will receive your choice of 1 FREE Sheet of Photos or 1 FREE Pose

 for each 15 minutes you have to wait!

A sheet can consist of

one of the following:

​A Simplified Way of Purchasing Portraits

We are SERIOUS about Appointments!

Full Service Old Fashioned Portrait Studio

*Rich Osness pioneered the One Price Package in 1975 and NEVER went back to high pressure sales again. He has sold millions of packages without sales pressure.

National companies have abused the One Price Package concept by upselling & deceptive advertising. 

(800)631-6247 • richosness@earthlink.net
PO Box 1690 Sioux Falls SD 57101

Hassle Free!

REALLY! No hidden fees!

It’s simple and hassle-free.  A new OLD way to buy portraits.*

• 1 8x10      • 2 5x7s

• 8 wallets​  • 3 4x6s

​• 1 5x7 & 4 wallets

​• 4 4x5s

• Call us for an appointment or just come in 

​   during the advertised times.

• Have your portraits taken by Rich Osness.

• Immediately see your images, select your poses         

   and create your package guided by one of our 

   experienced editors.