In Store Promotions

No Extra Pictures to Buy

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PO Box 1690 Sioux Falls SD 57101

How Do We Do It?

We and your local merchant work together to bring you a value you are not likely to match anywhere else. Each of us does the part that we can do  the most efficiently. Your local store provides us a place to take the pictures, promotes it and handles the delivery of the pictures to allow you to have your children's

and family portraits taken with the convenience that only someone with a commitment to

your local community can provide.

Our people handle the photography, producing the prints and any usual customer service needs

that might arise after delivery of the basic package.

Without this participation by our retail partners our package would cost much more.

We would probably spend more money on sales than on the photography, just like the photographers

who service the national chains. We would be like everyone else. 

Our local retail partner makes this program work for you and your community.

You get the best poses in the advertised package. We don't sell the better poses at a higher price.

Two 8x10s

Two 5x7s • Eight Wallets

Our complete package is just $34.95

Pay a $5.00 deposit when the pictures are

taken and the balance when you pick them up.

Our store promotions are the most efficient means of delivering portrait photography to the consumer.