We can design our service to provide whatever you want. By starting with a standardized format we can deliver faster more consistent quality at a much lower price. All of your additional wants can be reasonably priced add-ons.

For many families this is an ideal time to take pictures of the extended family. It is best to plan in advance if you would like this. Our primary business is children and families. Most of our photographers will be able to do a great job with your family with no advance notice if you wish.

If for any reason you are ever dissatisfied with any of our products or services we will correct the problem to your satisfaction or refund your money. This has been our policy for the forty years we have been in business.

This is our newest service and I am very pleased with it. It is always gratifying to have someone tell me how much they value pictures we produced many years ago. This will bring that importance to a whole new level. I will be honored if you entrust us with preserving this very important event for you and your family. For now, I will personally do all of the photography.

We plan to have specially chosen and trained photographers throughout our trade area as soon as possible.

The images on this page were taken at my brother's funeral. Thank you for trusting us with your memories. - Rich Osness

Basic Service Starts at $650. Our basic service provides you with complete photographic coverage.

You can decide everything else later, when you want, after consulting with your family and friends.

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Funerals & Memorial Services

Funerals & Memorial Services are among the oldest rituals of all cultures, because they are important.

They are a significant event in a family history. You can and should preserve this event for all time with quality photography and prints.