Copyrights & Releases

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To get a written copyright release mailed to you please write, phone or email us. We will need to know when and where the pictures were taken

and a brief description of the subject or subjects. As an example: a three year old girl in a pink dress photographed at a

Children's Palace Preschool in Pompey's Pillar, Montana, September of 2002.

​This is our official policy and may be considered permission to reproduce our work under the exact conditions described above.

Purchase the Digital Files You may purchase all of the images from your sitting for $30.00.               When selling the digital files, we transfer all of the copyrights to the purchaser.

    Please see the reorders page to purchase images.

 Products We Do Not Produce We do not make calendars, t-shirts, mugs, snow globes,

    jigsaw puzzles and similar items. If you wish to have items made from your pictures that are not on

    our reorder form we will grant you a limited copyright release for that purpose.

Greeting Cards We do not make greeting cards. We will grant you a limited copyright release

   for that purpose.

Directories & Yearbooks If you wish to use one of our pictures for a church directory,

   yearbook or similar use we will always give permission.

How & When You May Copy the Pictures You Purchase From Us

When you purchase photographs you are purchasing the actual prints and we retain the copyrights. This means you may not legally have copies made without our permission. The following is a list of how and when we will release the copyrights: