Whether you're an experienced photographer looking for some work and more experience or a mom who wants to get away for awhile and work with some nice people doing great work for even nicer people (our customers) this may be for you.

The duties vary a lot depending upon the job and the pay is less than you are worth, but more than most others are willing to pay.

Interested? Give us a call. We may need help anywhere at any time.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, call me at 800-631-6247. Ask for Rich.

We currently have an immediate need for photographers in Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana & Wyoming.​​

(800)631-6247 • richosness@earthlink.net
PO Box 1690 Sioux Falls SD 57101

Be One of Our Photographers

Photographer's Assistant


We provide volume portrait services

to an area from ​Minnesota to Idaho.

We photograph children in preschools and child care centers and everybody and everything in our small town store promotions.

Our customers expect a high level of skill and professionalism from our staff.

Depending upon your ability and willingness to travel, we can provide you with either a few days of work or everything you can handle. You will be evaluated in the field before you are assigned any jobs. We can provide training as needed.

All of our photographers are independent contractors and are paid a percentage of the sales for each job they do.